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How Has Biotechnology Equipment Helped Improve the Food Supply?

Scientists today, who keep an eye on our health and welfare in the world, express concern over the possibility that we will run out of food in the future. This may happen for a number of different reasons, such as a widespread drought, localized flooding, or global climate change.

  • 16 Jul 2017

The Future of Semiconductor Fabrication and Manufacturing Market

If there is one thing that's consistent in technology and manufacturing, it's the fact that change is constantly in motion. In fact, things change so quickly at times that it is difficult to keep up with advancements of nearly any specific industry.

  • 26 Jun 2017

New Nanotechnology Technique Extends Fillings' Longevity

Nanotechnology (sometimes shortened to "nanotech") is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Generally, nanotechnology deals with developing materials, devices, or other structures with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometres. Quantum mechanical effects are important at this quantum-realm scale.

  • 29 Jul 2017
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  •   1 Jul 2017   Posted By Rocky K.   8 Favs   0 Comments

    A guide to a positive displacement pipette

    When it comes to laboratory equipment one piece of equipment which is an essential addition to many places is the positive displacement pipette. This versatile accessory plays a major part in our lives - although you most people probably do not realise it. A positive displacement pipette is an important component in medical research so its importance cannot be underrated.

  •   3 Jul 2017   Posted By Leslie W.   28 Favs   0 Comments

    What Do Single And Double Beam Spectrophotometers Do?

    A single and double beam spectrophotometer is an instrument which is designed to measure light by wavelength distribution.

    There are a wide variety of different sizes and styles of spectrophotometers both single and dual beam, with their size and configuration largely dependent on the specific applications for which they are designed.

  •   24 Jun 2017   Posted By Ernie N.   29 Favs   0 Comments

    What Does A Laboratory Information System Do?

    A laboratory information system is used to provide a full featured framework for the management of processes, workflow and tracking samples and other materials in the laboratory and/or other environments.

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7 Jul 2017
Posted By Devon B.

It's Not Too Difficult To See Why We Have Cancer

'How is it we have cancer?' is indeed a massive question, but the answer may be simpler than you think. More to the point, if you know the answer then there are a number of preventative measures you could take to avoid cancer. Mainstream medicine and their researchers hold the official line that cancer is something they don't really understand. They don't really understand its causes and what it is. They go on about how they're busy mapping the genes that cause the disease to find its aetiology.
28 Jun 2017
Posted By Fina H.

Will Science Really Explore The Nature Of Consciousness?

Science has long held the firm belief that conscious is an illusion. Dogmatically, without any proof whatsoever, they want you to believe that your conscious experiences related to self-awareness and 'mind' are nothing more than illusions produced by brain chemistry. However, age-old scientific paradigms like this are slowly crumbling. More and more scientists are now willing to embrace the idea that our existences cannot be explained merely by reducing us to the level of biochemical robots.
26 Jun 2017
Posted By Xavier H.

The Advances of Next Generation Biotech Equipment

Having gone through ups and downs in recent history, the biotech industry is now ushering in a new generation of advances. In fact, biotech is driving the lab science industry with renewed vigor. New reports show that biotechnology is fueling specific fields like pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and techniques, biofuel, agriculture products, and environmental technology. These new advances are exciting and paving the way for even more advances in years to come.
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18 Jul 2017
Posted By Courtney R.

Creating a Bright Future for Future Biomedical Engineering Professionals

In today's highly advanced technological world, the gap between engineering and medicine is getting smaller, thanks to the field of biomedical engineering. This field applies engineering principles and techniques to the medical and biological sciences in order to improve healthcare diagnosis and treatment. Much of the work in biomedical engineering consists of research and development, spanning a variety of subfields.
28 Jun 2017
Posted By Norma C.

A Bit About Biotech Venture Capital Funds

Tapping into a biotech venture capital fund has become quite easy these days. Most investors look to invest in stable fields where they know that their money is safe and where good returns are assured. One such industry is the biotech industry. This industry, like the food technology industry is a dynamic industry - there are new inventions in different corners of the world every day.When a venture capitalist happens upon these inventions, he sees a path that will lead him to make his fortune.
3 Jul 2017
Posted By Belinda A.

Fumehoods Promote Speedy Criminal Evidence Processing

Most small law enforcement agencies have to rely on larger agencies to process even the most basic of crime scene information for them. This is because their lab equipment isn't advanced enough to handle the job. The problem for the small agency, however, is the fact the larger agency's labs are usually backed up and valuable time can be lost in the processing and ultimate catching of the bad guy.
1 Jul 2017

How Scientists Created A Wormhole In A Lab

Wormholes don't only exist in space. Scientists have just created one in the lab… with magnets! How Do Wormholes Actually Work?

4 Jul 2017

Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction

Explore more: http://www.birdsofparadiseproject.org The Birds-of-Paradise Project reveals the astounding beauty of 39 of the most exquisitely specialized ...

27 Jun 2017

Inside a DIY biotech lab

Genspace is a co-working space and laboratory in Brooklyn for scientists to come in and work on whatever they want.

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